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Black River PM's

4 P Framework

Providing development and support to leaders and managers by positioning them to effectively and appropriately leverage their organization's greatest assets.



Your organization's "place" may be the physical operating space or the cultural milieu that permeates it. Our interest is to capitalize on who you are to help you become who you want to be.

From strategic planning to effective annual reviews we guide you in achieving your goals by focusing on your strengths, interests, and needs.

Executive and personal coaching assist and inspire you to achieve your goals and, dare we say it, your dreams!


We believe work should fuel the human spirit, not drain it.


At Black River PM, we understand that change is not easy, nor is sifting through the lists of consultants and agencies vying for your business. What makes us different is our research-based approaches combined with actual direct industry experiences. We offer all of our partners authentic and personalized care and support.


We utilize our expertise to help your organization position itself to accomplish its goals. Our work often picks up where other groups left off. We focus on ACTION. We take action plans, strategic plans, research and data reports and build out robust systems to help you accomplish those goals you've set. After all, what's the value in having data when you don't have experts to help you utilize it? 

Our "Why"





Strategic Planning

Team Building

Leadership Development


Individual & Team Assessments

Motivation Systems